Social Responsibility

Holiday Himalayan Adventure Pvt. Ltd. in all its accomplishments and achieving of Goals never ignores the universal truth of poverty in Nepal and hence believes to dedicate a portion of financial support for the deserving needy people. Normally we don’t have to search these people they are present in all the trails and places where we lead our esteemed clients for adventure. Be it the trekking trails in remote mountains or the villages beside the banks of our rafting river, moving into the forest for safaris or moving on tours any where in the vicinity of Nepal. We just need our willful desire to share and heart to feel their painful circumstances of sustenance and survival;

Needless to say, tourism cannot be Eco-tourism without providing the part of tourism benefit to local people directly or indirectly. In cities especially we focus on helping street children, orphans whom we have been funding for their sustenance and education. However, to formalize this vision we are planning to establish a school in Himalayan region by the portion of money of our profit of our earnings. We are also trying to provide facilitation through public awareness programs held at-least once in a year in the areas where people are deprived of education, development, civil rights