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Any travelers entering Tibet must hold a passport with at least six months of validity. Travelers entering Tibet from Mainland China must have valid Chinese visa. Only travelers with tourist visas (not business, resident or student visas) are permitted to enter China. Travelers entering Tibet from Nepal through friendship highway or by air requires a separate paper visa issued for Tibet from the Chinese embassy in Katmandu. Tibet-bound traveler obtains 30-60 day  normal visas and  it normally takes 2 weeks to obtain it. Holiday Himalayan Adventure facilitates a group visa (minimum of two people in a group and travelers must leave China with the same person of the group unless a traveler  changes the visa inside China  after visiting Tibet . 
Types of Tibet Travel Permit:
There are two types of permits need to be applied for traveling in Tibet . They are (1)  the entry permit (TTB permit) and ( 2 ) the Alien's travel permit (PSB permit) . Both these permits can be arranged by Holiday Himalayan Adventure in Kathmandu.
Tibet Entry Permit (TTB Permit)                          
Foreign tourists (Non-Chinese passport holders) and Taiwanese, in addition to their Chinese visa, must obtain a Tibet Entry Permit delivered by the TTB. Tourists can join a group organized by our company, which will usually handle the permit for them. For individual tourists TTB office will process the permit for you. One can only obtain the permit where s/he departs for Tibet. Tourists  entering to Tibet from Chengdu, Chongqing, Golmud, Xian, and other places of China can only buy their plane, train, or bus  ticket and check in at the airport by submitting the original permits.
The necessary documents to apply for the Tibet Permit are similar to those required for the visa. They include individual's  basic information, like full name, nationality, date of birth, gender, passport number, occupation (journalists and diplomatists are excluded as common tourists to enter Tibet), tour itineraries, general tour schedule, and phone number, as well as a copy of the visa and the first page of the passport need to be produced.  Normally it  takes 2 days to issue the permit. However, please allow us  at least two weeks for mailing and processing. After obtaining the permit Holiday Himalayan Adventure can arrange the tickets, hotels, and your tour package..
Alien's Travel Permit (PSB Permit)                            
If any tourists intend to visit the restricted areas in Tibet, like Tingri, Nyalam, Dromo Nhagartse, or Purang and Pemako counties, they  must further apply for an Alien's Travel Permit which is issued by the Public Security Bureau (PSB). The non- restricted areas of Tibet currently only cover about 16% of the whole region, so apply for one if you plan a deep exploration of the land.
Other Permits       
Traveling to sensitive borders like Mt. Kailash and Eastern Tibet still requires  special permits from the Military Area and Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet. In addition, a permit from the local Cultural Antique Department is also required  if travelers go to Tholing Monastery, Ruins of Guge Kingdom (Tsaparang) in Ngari in Western Tibet.
The government of Tibet is preparing to simplify the permits  procedures so that  this mysterious land can be unveiled to the outside world. Soon traveling to Tibet will be more convenient..

Acquiring Visa for Tibet                     
For obtaining a Tibet Visa in Kathmandu Holiday Himalayan Adventure would take minimum 3 working days for facilitating visa and the clients must reach Kathmandu accordingly.

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