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Food and Drink
Food in Bhutan is generally good. Set meals for travelers tend to be uninteresting, because local food is heavily seasoned with red chilies and quite spicy and hot. Most of the hotels provide continental, Indian, Chinese and Bhutanese dishes in buffet- style.. The food in hotels is often the best in town, but in main towns now there are few restaurants increasingly becoming popular. All tourist standard hotels have good selection of international and Bhutanese beverages

For spring and summer season light clothing is preferable with a sweater or jacket in the evenings. From autumn to winter season down jackets, fleeces, hats and gloves are mandatory. Sports shoes are suitable for light tour and hiking boots are recommended for long treks. Legs, shoulders and upper arms need to be covered when visiting Dzongs, Monasteries and Lhakhangs. Sun block cream, lip balm, and sunglasses are recommended for higher elevations

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