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Tibet “Roof of the World”

Tibet is the best place to experience the true Buddhist culture. It has taken many years to come to today's shape. When in Tibet one gets the feeling of being in different part of the world. The monasteries built centuries back, the open grasslands, the unique and unspoiled lakes, the snow carved mountains are always worth visiting. It’s like an addiction; the more you visit the more you want to know about this beautiful country.

The very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery. This is the land of the ancient Buddhist culture - its arts & monasteries. Surrounded by grand mountains, century old caravan trails cross the mysterious landscape through hidden valleys to exotic cities. All this combines to offer you a unique experience. Tibet offers you a spiritual journey to highlight your lifetime. Tibet is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia. The mountain terrain of the plateau presents the ultimate challenge for climbers, trekkers and adventures. Known as the "roof of the world," in short Tibet is a destination for the ultimate thrill-seeker.

Tibet is surely a destination apart from most in the world; the rolling hills of the high plateau and the stunning Himalayas are none to any. Refereed as Shangri-La, The Forbidden Land, The Roof Of the World and by many more, the mysterious Buddhist Kingdom remained long closed to foreigners, exerting a strong hold on the imagination of the world. For centuries, it has fascinated mankind. It was hardly accessible to the outside world and has been always a challenge to human beings. Tibet, a "forbidden land" not only by man but also by nature, attracted many explorers, scholars, and pilgrims and adventure lovers, all in pursuit of "Real Shangri-La". It is not only the geographical and natural enchants but also a long historical culture and religion that appeal the foreigners to visit Tibet at least once in a lifetime.

We offer you a wide range of some of the best client oriented cultural tours and treks in Tibet. Personalized service and attention while looking into the specific interests of our clients is provided at all times - from the time you make your booking with us to the time of your departure.

What to pack?
Casual wear and comfortable walking shoes are essential for Tibet. Be sure to bring warm clothing, as early mornings and nights can be chilly to downright cold in winter. Bring all the film, medicines, cosmetics and toiletries that you will need from home, as these items are difficult, if not impossible to purchase in Tibet. A sleeping bag is also essential.

Handy items include and water bottle, a Swiss Army knife, a can opener, a flashlight, a raincoat or collapsible umbrella.

Accommodation is at the Zhangmu Hotel. The rooms are very basic and do not have modern amenities. During the rest of the journey, high altitude tents, complete with mattresses and camping equipment (except for clothing and sleeping bag), will be provided. Please note: no laundry facilities will be available during the duration of the trip.

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